James Durrance

A Clacton-On-Sea native

A Clacton-On-Sea native, James Durrance spent his formative years in the east of England where he developed a keen love of travel and golf. He is a self-proclaimed family-man and never misses a chance to spend time with his wife and children. Outside of work and exploring the globe with his family, James also enjoys time spent golfing whether it be by himself, with family, or friends.

James Durrance’s hometown is steeped in history for which most of the United Kingdom is known. Growing up amidst the Roman and Anglo-Saxon historical sites instilled in him a deep appreciation for history, which first spurred his love of travel. As James grew up, he became more and more interested in his country’s rich history and explored the country. After visiting sites such as Hadrian’s Wall, the sites of London, Kenilworth Castle, and even Scotland, Mr. Durrance’s taste for travel began to expand beyond the borders of his home country.

Being so close to mainland Europe, James Durrance spent many a summer exploring France, Spain, Germany, and Hungary to name a few of his favorites. More recently, James checked North and South America off of his bucket list with trips to the United States, specifically New York, California, and Florida, as well as Peru. Mr. Durrance not only loves visiting the historical and cultural sites of each country but is extremely interested in experiencing each country’s local, non-tourist attractions as well. He can often be found exploring well-away from the well-trekked tourist traps to gain a better grasp on the true nature of each place he visits.

After marrying his wife, James found a renewed passion for travel with his family. He has taken his family to visit places he visited as a child to instill in his kids a love of their cultural heritage as well as history and travel. In the future, Mr. Durrance hopes to take his family on trips to all of the places on his bucket list and experience new adventures with the people he loves most.

Outside of his professional responsibilities and his travel plans, James Durrance can frequently be found perfecting his golf technique whether it be on the driving range or a full game of 18 holes. James has also given his children a love of golf as well. While they might not be able to play the full course yet, it is inevitable the entire family will soon be golfing together in their spare time. When he isn’t on the green, James loves watching national and international golfing events at home and the pub with friends. James Durrance is also former Law enforcement in the county.

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